Wall Tiles – Fish Imprints
Fish Platters
Conch Shell Pottery
Plates and the Bay


Welcome to my studio where I create claywork inspired by nature and the marine environment. Stoneware fish platters in the form of flounder, striped bass and bluefish are fun and functional and are created one at a time.  I throw plates, then carve and add details like starfish or shells to turn them into decorative oyster plates.   I produce baking, serving, and everyday use pieces in patterns I call Scales and Tails, Ebb Tide, and Starfish using lace, plastic mesh, shells, handmade stamps and sprig molds, and shells to create the layers of texture and detail my claywork is known for.  I love creating usable art which can be incorporated into daily living.

At times, I find it meditative to alter thrown vessels and add multiple thin clay layers to create shell like sculptures and vessels.  I also enjoy creating fish and flower wall hangings from slabs of clay whose surfaces are textured by pressing the above items into the clay surface and further detailing the images. . Creating  claywork has always  like play to me.  The long hours put in seem to vanish when I look at the days accomplishments.

I do commission work which has included dinnerware sets, special serving  and center pieces,custom tile work, baptismal bowls, patens, chalices, burial urns  and more.  I especially enjoy creating  piece that commemorate special occasions like weddings, anniversaries , and awards.  Recent examples include environmental awards and chile cook-off prizes.  If it can fit in the kiln I can make it for you.